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below the water and his eyes peering at us through
two holes in the side of the cylinder of bark.
We struck camp and moved from the spot at once,
and it is doubtful if the Crows ever knew what
became of their spy.

We went north after this happening. We were
on our way up into the Cree country., in Assini-
boia, to see if there were any buffalo left in that

One day as we were making our way through
the Cypress Hills we carne upon a band of Crees
who had never been back to their main tribe since
it signed peace with the Government of the North-
West Territories* But they gave us the 'peace
sign3; and when our chief advanced and held a
council with them they told him that though they
had had several skirmishes with the Northern
Blackfeet, since their tribe had signed peace, they
were willing to make peace with us on the spot if
it was agreeable to us. They belonged to Chief
Piapot's tribe of Crees, who lived up in the Calling
Valley of Assiniboia.

Our chiefs and councilmen accepted their pro-
posal, and it was arranged to hold a big feast that
afternoon to celebrate this unique event.

While we were eating at this feast one of our
braves. Six Killer, kept gazing hard at a Cree war-
rior who sat in front of him eating his food quietly.
Six Killer never said anything, but not once dur~